Disable Scrolling + Fixed Menu

Hello! I use disable scrolling with smart-nav, nav is fixed position, but I have issue with scollbar gap. When open menu, menu move to the right by the width of the scrollbar. How I can fixed it? I tried fs-scrolldisable-gap=false, but that doesn’t work with fixed position as I understand

Site link
Preview link

Hey @alexeev.amg! Can you share more about this issue? I am testing on my end and the scrollbar is successfully removed.

Which device/browser are you using?

The scrollbar is removed, the script works correctly, but when opening the menu the nav is shifted to the right just by the size of the scrollbar

Can you record a quick loom from your view?

Here is my view of the site and behavior

Check video here

Hey @alexeev.amg! Thanks for the video. I’ll open a bug report with the team so they are aware and can work on a fix :wink:

@alexeev.amg, Could you reshare your published link? I’ll try some extra debugging before opening an issue :slight_smile: