'Empty/None' Identifier in Finsweet Attributes CMS Filter

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on a Webflow project and utilizing the Finsweet Attributes CMS Filter. I’ve successfully created a filter for items based on a Memberstack Member ID. However, I’ve hit a snag with a specific requirement.

My Achievement So Far: I’ve managed to set up a filter that displays items where a certain field is set to a Memberstack Member ID. This part is working great.

My Current Challenge: The next part of my requirement is to also display items where the same field is left empty. I am trying to figure out how to implement an ‘empty’ or ‘none’ identifier within the Finsweet Attributes CMS filter for this purpose.

Is it possible to use an ‘empty’ or ‘none’ identifier in the Finsweet Attributes CMS filter to show items that have the custom field left blank, alongside those with a Memberstack Member ID?

I’m seeking advice on the best way to achieve this without affecting the existing functionality. Any insights or suggestions on how to implement this would be extremely helpful.

Thank you all in advance for your assistance!

Best regards, Christian

Hey @juicydisorder! I’m afraid there’s is no support for the none or empty identifier at the moment.

Depending on your filter setup you could add a hidden field to the items where, if the search is performed with a search bar, the text is copied as the users type. Ensuring a match and the items with no user ID will be added to the results.

If you share a link maybe we can work together to find something that might work.