Filter Item after being nested

Hi FS,
I want to filter items that have been nested.
I have FAQs that are nested inside their category. I have a search and would like to filter the FAQs so it displays only the Category with the FAQs that have been filtered.

If you go on the page, I would like to filter by “This is a test,” and the result would display only the category corresponding and the only one FAQ with the content “This is a test”.

You can see the result here: FAQs Copy FS
Here is my read-only: Webflow - Minisoft

Any idea? :slight_smile:

Hope it is clear :slight_smile:

Hey @geffroy.valentin! It seems you have succeded in doing this, do you have any more issues regarding this implementation?

Hi Luis,
Sorry I changed the page.
You can take a look now :slight_smile:

hey @geffroy.valentin! It still seems to be correctly filtering on my end. Let’s move the discussion over to the other thread to keep all info in the same place! :muscle: