Finsweet Hack - Sub Bullet Points

Hey there!

We’ve got a client that is trying to incorporate sub bullet points to their blogs, ran across the Finsweet Hack to achieve that but running into an issue where all of the bullet points in Webflow are moved to the bottom of the section when viewed on the Live Site.

Here is the staging site to view:

Here is the share-only link:

Hey @info2, you are missing the elements that mark the sub-bullets, can you please add ~ to the items that should be on the sub-bullet list?

It should look something like this:

This is how our component looks on the designer:

Do let me know if this fixes your issue!

I think the issue I am trying to illustrate is on the published staging link, the bullet points are at the bottom but on the read-only link.

You can see the bullet points are sectioned off appropriately

Hey @info2, if your list is supposed only to have one bullet level then the Hack is not needed but if you need to have two or more bullet levels then you should add the code to the page and try adding your list as an embed to the rich text like this.

This is so that only the bulleted list is formatted, not the whole rich text block. (I have not tested this so please let me know if it doesn’t so we can work something out :slight_smile: )