Fs-cmsfilter-element = "empty" Space Issue


I hope you are doing well. I have implemented the fs-cmsfilter-element = “empty” attribute, but when I select a filter and it only has one result, the fs-cmsfilter-element = “empty” is shown as just empty space (for context I’ve attached images). I don’t want this empty space to be shown, as the bottom of the page should just have the padding I’ve set.

Image #1 is how the issue is displaying itself.

Image #2 is the actual fs-cmsfilter-element = “empty” attribute, and the space it takes up when shown.

Image #3 is how it should look with the right padding in place.

Read-only Link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/alexs-radical-site-b1ee3d?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=alexs-radical-site-b1ee3d&preview=f1aeda8aafe4aedccf5619008b568218&pageId=642202329e62267be6fdec93&workflow=preview

URL: Explore Boats

Thank you in-advance to anyone that helps me with this :blush:

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hey @alexjameswood! this is not an issue with the empty element. As you can see from the images attached the space is from your collection list and not from the empty element.

You can replicate this on the designer by filtering the list to only show the Sunseeker 40 Superhawk boat and you’ll see the empty space below the last item :slight_smile: