Generate a grouped list

Hi guys, is there way to generate a list of items where the results are divied into groups of for example 5 items each (wrapped by an extra div or marked with a numbered class)? The idea is to get an output of a list that I can use in a grid. Here’s an example I’m working on:
It’s an abstract bookcase with shelves to divide the results (books) into. I got there half way-ish by making a limited list per shelf. But filtering is out of the question this way… And it’s not a sustainable solution as I have to pre-make some lists for the grid…
Is there a way to get it done with Attributes?

Hey @guy! I am afraid there is no native solution with Attributes for this.

You could write some code that separates the elements by some criteria and then appends these elements to the corresponding divs in the bookcase.

Filtering all these lists will be the fun part so let me know if you want to go this route and we can come up with a way to make it work :slight_smile:

Hi @Support-Luis, thanks for responding. To bad Attributes/Webflow isn’t doeing this (yet). But on the Webflow forum I found someone who had a little script that does the job of grouping the output! I’ll leave the link in this post for anyone who’s interested :slight_smile:
Filtering though with Attributes in this solution doesn’t work as the list output doesn’t get grouped again.

Sweet! Thanks for sharing! :muscle: