Google Analytics (GA4) Course for GTM

I’ve been going through the Google Analytics gtag (GA4) course and starting implementation. However, we’ve been relying on Google Tag Manager (GTM) quite heavily for a number of things from Google Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads, conversion tracking for non ecommerce membership and one-time products.

It took me a minute to realize that implementing gtag.js and having GTM would pose conflicts and duplicate reporting issues - no fault of Finsweet because you’ve clearly said it on the site, I just missed it since I didn’t know I needed to look for that.

So my main question is if there is any plan to create a new course for implementing Google Analytics specifically with GTM. I think that would be really helpful. Even though every implementation is unique I think it would be great to see this kind of walk through so that we can better support sites that, like mine, really require the use of GTM.


hey @john.matias I’ll forward this to the team :slight_smile: