Google's Consent Mode and Finsweet Cookie Consent


I was wondering if it’s possible to combine these two?

In my understanding of what I’ve read is that in the future it will be required to implement Google’s own Consent Mode if collecting data for Google’s advertising services.

Reading from Google’s Updates to consent mode for traffic in European Economic Area (EEA) support article,

if you prevent your Google tags from loading until a user interacts with your consent banner, Google will not be able to verify user consent choices and this may lead to loss in data.

Isn’t this how the Finsweet Cookie Consent works currently?

Any additional info regarding this matter would be very helpful.

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I was wondering the same thing. I followed the tutorial but it appears google recently announced consent v2. I am not sure if this is compatible or not. Please help! Thank you.

Just wanted to add me to the list wondering about this.
Would be awesome to get some information on this!