HELP - Double CMS Filter

New to finsweet and CMS lists in Webflow. Been watching videos and reading docs. Have a challenge I cannot seem to crack:

I have a CMS list I would like to filter. The section with CMS items initial state is empty (using an empty section)

I would like to filter the list by text entry and by checkbox.

I would like at least one checkbox to be selected.

I would like the “form submit button” (I know it is not required) to display the section with CMS list results only when clicked and only if a check box is selected. I would like the page to automatically scroll to the section with the CMS list results when the form submit button is clicked.

Any advice is appreciated.

Hey @jacob1! We can do most of this natively with CMS Filter.

For example:

This is the initial state, it will show when no filters are applied

This is the option to use a text entry, an input field

For the “At least one checkbox required” we will need some custom code, I can help with this once you share a read-only link, a published link works best :slight_smile:

To require the “Submit” button to be clicked to filter, just leave the button visible, no need for any attribute

And here is how to get the list to scroll to a specific point

Let me know if you have any questions or issues!

Thank you,

here is view only link: Webflow - Vetama

Remaining challenges:

  1. Make at least one checkbox required

  2. Filter CMS list by checkboxes & zip entry

  3. Keep section 2 hidden until button is pressed

I know how to link “find your time” button to section three.

Here is published link: book

Could I just use the allow submit attribute and add this code?

Yes, this code is similar to what I had in mind :slight_smile: