How can we have two search bar on one page using Finsweet CMS Filter?

So as you can see I have two search bars on the site. One for the CMS list items for pet profiles. And another for the breeds. Breeds are going to be a lot so we need to add a custom search bar.

However, I am finding it difficult to add two search bars. Only one search bar is working at a time. Didn’t find any proper documentation for this use case. Please help!

hey @flowtrixcontact! If both search bars will filter for the same fields you could try using Mirror Input Values - Mirror a user input to another input to mirror the input from one search bar into the other. I would set the search bar outside the filters as the trigger and the other as the target.

The setup is fairly simple but if you need help please let me know! :muscle:

You could also use this setup but with a hidden input inside your main filters form as the target if they are meant to search different fields. Remember you can only use one form per CMS Filter instance and all of the filter UI should be inside this one form.

can you share a link?

@flowtrixcontact seems to be an easy issue, you have fs-cmsfilter-field="breed" set to the tag in your cards but your input field has a different identifier.

Changing the input attribute value should fix this :slight_smile:

Oohh I get what you are after, you want to filter the filter options, not the actual list.

This is not possible with CMS Filter natively, you might want to look at this post Filter CMS Form Select Options to see if the custom functionality can be adjusted to your use case.