How to ensure that webflow site is able to detect login from Web App

My company intends to migrate all their corporate website to Webflow. My company also has a webapp. The company corporate website will be hosted on for e.g while the web app will be hosted on for e.g (The web app is built via custom code).

Desired Results:
For my corporate website (, there is a top navbar with login and signup. And if the user is logged in to the web app ( the login button and signup button should be changed to a “go to dashboard” CTA that directs the user to the web app (in a logged in state).

This is similar to how Webflow website does it.

Need help
How might I achieve the desired results mentioned above? Possible to point me to the relevant resources? Or the steps or custom code required to achieve it.

Thank you so much :pray:

Hello @gang
I think the best way to achieve this is by setting a cookie on the user’s browser that targets . as the domain, For example
Notice the . dot at the begining, this means that the cookie will be shared across the main domain and all subdomains.

So if you are able to check for that cookie existence, you can be able to update the nav to display the correspondent buttons depending on the logged-in status of the user.