Webflow link to specific App? Deep Link maybe?

Building a software marketing site right now. I’d like to the login button to be able to tell what device the user is on and then do a couple things:

  1. if on dekstop, open a new tab to the dekstop version of the webapp the software product lives on.
  2. if on iPad or iPhone (only need it for iOS thankfully) id like to be able to see if the user already has the app installed and
    a. If the user does have the app, open said app.
    b. if the user does NOT have the app, direct them to the specifc app store page.

How should i be looking to accomplish this? Do i need deeplinks? custom code? thanks in advance!

Hey @kareem! We don’t have any solution for this, but custom code should be the way to go if you ask me.