How to render a list of specific blog categories in Wized

Hi guys,

I have a list of three categories (Nodejs, Javascript, React) that is rendered on my page.

I also have a list of blog posts, which I also render on the page. Each blog post, however, can have multiple categories (see an example screenshot from my Xano database).

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 11.52.05 AM

I can render the list of category ids (these are in the blog_posts table) with {{r.1.d[v.i].blog_categories_id}}.
I can also easily display the title of a category with {{r.2.d[2].title}}.

But now I need to reference the categories table to transfer the ids into the category titles.
How do I show the titles instead of the ids?

I thought in {{r.1.d[v.i].blog_categories_id}} I could replace v.i with r.2.d[vi.].title but this doesn’t work.
Or the other way around: In {{r.2.d[2].title}} replace 2 with r.1.d[v.i].blog_categories_id. That also doesn’t work.

If someone could help that would be awesome! Thank you!

If the category column in the blog_posts table has only one category, I can display the title of the category with {{r.2.d[r.1.d[v.i].blog_categories_id].title}}

It doesnt work with mulitple categories being asigned to the blog post.

I made it work, thanks to the Discord community (@ jbleroux): Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

In Xano, for the API endpoint you are dealing with (in my instance, it’s blog_posts), add an Output Addon to the categories so you can access the titles directly from within that table and don’t need to reference another table in Wized.


Thanks for sharing the solution @christianhustert!