Wized Data In - Link to another record

Hi there, I am not sure if we can also ask for Wized help here, but here goes.

I am trying to get a Data In URL from Airtable though it is a link to another record. The data comes through fine I can see the URL that I want but when I add it the console gives me an error.
I have added an image below to help explain. I assume it is just a syntax error.


Hello @Mica, there issue is with how you targeted the url property. It should be {{r.5.d[0].url}}

Hi there, thank you for your reply.

I seem to have fixed that problem. My new problem is that I am trying to Render a list within a rendered list.

I have a list of items and in that list, there is a list of topics (the material tag section of the design). The topics are a link to another table in the same base.
It seems like I can get the array but I am not sure what to do with the array.

Thank you for your help.

Hello @Mica, at the moment it’s not possible to render a list within a list using wized