Is Cal Invite down?

Hey guys!

I have Cal Invite configured on a page and today the buttons stopped working but there’s no error showing on console.

Here’s the link:

Hey @albertovenaoliveira! You are missing some code, it might have been removed in a recent publish on your end.

Adding this should fix it:

  var calendarInvite = fsCalendar({
    // class of event title
    title: '.event-title',
    // class of event start date
    start: '.event-start',
    // class of event duration
    end: '.event-end',
    // class of event timezone
    timezone: '.event-timezone',
    // class of event Address
    address: '.event-location',
    // class of event Description
    description: '.event-desc',
    // class of the event item
    eventItemClass: '.event-item-content',
    // monitor for text translations
    localize: true,

Ohh man! That was it thank you!

You are welcome! :muscle: