CMS popup modal bug

Hello I have a bug I can’t seem to solve here DNC Digital day - Digital Native Club

On the section where I have 3 items (9h30 program items) it is always showing the latest item of the cms

Can you help me debug it?

@Support-Luis Hello Luis, wondering if you have any idea why it’s doing this? thanks in advance for your help

Hey @anais! You’ll need to create a new instance of CMS Modal pero every item in your collection as right now all the items in the section have the -2 suffix.

You can do this with Weblfow’s native dynamic attributes by adding a plain CMS Text field per value to your collection or by JS.

Let me know how you’d like to do it!

Hey @Support-Luis you’re the best thank you - I did it with the dynamic attributes and it works perfectly. Don’t know why i didn’t think of this before :raised_hands:

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