Issue with Modal set up in CMS item

Hey there! I am encountering issues trying to get a modal working in my CMS collection. The desired interaction is for the modal to open up when an item from the grid is clicked on, and then closed when the “x” is clicked or when a user clicks outside the modal.

For some reason the modal is being very glitchy in designer and on the staging site. It appears to be opening modals for the wrong collection item and opening multiple modals at the same time. Any ideas on what could be causing this in my setup?

I thought that by placing the modal in the collection item that it should trigger the modal for that item, but that doesn’t appear to be working.

Read Only Link:

Staging Link:

Screenshot of modal issue:


Hey @gabsherrera.ux! You are targeting all elements with the class modal1_component, have you tried setting the dropdown option to “Only siblings with this class”?