Modal preventing clickablity

I am working on a filterable list that opens a modal on click. The attributes in use on the page are CMS Filter, CMS Nest, and CMS Load. I am having a few issues:

  1. When I click to close the modal, it is not resetting and I cannot click to open other modals without clicking around on the page a few additional times. I tried fixing this by only triggering the close modal interaction to the close icon, but that hasn’t helped.
  2. The modal overlay won’t appear over the nav. I tried adjusting the z-index of each element but haven’t had any luck so far :confused:
  3. Sometime the modals are opening towards the bottom of the VH, not centered

Any ideas?

Read only link: Webflow - bread & Butter

Staging Link: our clients

Hey @uxdesigner7! Issues 1 and 3 are working fine on my end, have you done anything to fix this? Can you please record a video if you are still seeing the issues on your end?

I’ll try my best to see if I can help you with the styling of the modal/navbar intersection.

@Support-Luis I agree #1 and #3 seem to be working now. Any ideas on the modal/navbar issue?

Still checking what I can do! CSS is not my forte :sweat_smile: