Is combo box attribute working properly?

Not able to actually input/send the unique value that does not exist in the list.

This can be checked on the attributes page itself.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Go to example section.

  2. Type in noco (purposefully doing this as I want to input a value that does not exist)

  3. When you try to move away from that input where you typed in noco, it just gets removed/diminished from there.

  4. So not able to actually add the value that does not exist.

Hey @Darshil, thanks for he heads up. I’ll report the bug the team and I’ll get back to you :muscle:

Hey @Darshil! The fix is live! I should actually say, the feature request is live. User input was deleted by design if the input was none existent.

We’ve added an optional setting to prevent the field from being cleared, you just need to add fs-combobox-preventclear= “true” to the dropdown element.

Please add the attribute and test in an incognito window or clear cache to have the latest version of the script :muscle: