Is it possible to develop ecommerce functionality without an ecommerce plan?

I am currently planning a project for a potential client who wants to create a website for selling licensed fireworks. However, due to the strict regulations surrounding the sale of fireworks, traditional e-commerce methods cannot be used. Instead, I aim to develop a solution where customers can add products to a cart, which will then be submitted as a form to the business for validation. Once approved, an invoice will be sent to the customer to complete the fulfillment process.

I am wondering if there is a suitable attribute-based solution for implementing this functionality, or if it would be better to use an e-commerce plan and simply disable the payment integration. Regardless, the primary objective is to ensure that the “add to cart” feature works effectively.

Thank you for your insights.

I think I will go with the ecommerce route and simply not setup the payment integration. This feels like the best move. It has the functionality I am looking for built in.

Hey @startupskin! Let us know if you are able to achieve this :muscle:

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