Load-under working on webflow.io link but not on live site

Hi all,

I’ve got the CMS Load function running on our blog page just under the hero + featured blog section (see screenshot below)

Load-under is working perfectly on my webflow.io link and passes the finsweet automated support test. But on my live site it’s not. The issue that i’m running into is that when you hit the “load more” button, the same 4 blog posts populate and then the button disappears entirely. This collection has over 400+ items, so more blogs should come in under the most recent 4.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Here’s my read only link: Webflow - UserInterviews.com
Dev link: UX Research Blog | User Interviews
Live site: UX Research Blog | User Interviews

Hey @holly! Weird indeed, there is no reason for CMS Load to behave differently on a production site than it does on the staging domain.

I have inspected both pages, the issue with the load more button disappearing is that there are only 8 items in the list and as it is done after loading the second page, the button is hidden.

However, on the staging domain, we can see 380 items loaded correctly. I’ve attached the screenshots below.

This leads me to suspect there might be an issue with your site publishing. Have you contacted Webflow Support yet?

We can try republishing the site to see if there was a bug at publishing time, maybe this will fix it as setup wise there is no error.

Thank you @Support-Luis! I’ll reach out to webflow support and see if they have any insight.

Awesome! Do let me know their answer!

Will do- just reached out to them this afternoon.

One thing that could be affecting this is that the slug for this page in webflow is /blog-root which publishes to blog via a reverse proxy set up. We do this so we can use blog as a subdirectory on the site, and this is our workaround since you cannot place content on index pages in Webflow. Maybe this is causing an issue?

Hey @holly! The reverse proxy setup should not be an issue with CMS Load as the script is not dependent on the url. As long as the script is added to the page the solution will load.

Have you had any answer from Webflow Support?

@Support-Luis that is good context to know that the url doesn’t affect the script.

I did go back and forth with Webflow a bit…they said because of our reverse proxy setup, it’s hard for them to troubleshoot any unexpected issues that occur on the live site, as it’s using a DNS setup that is outside their supported DNS records.

What’s also interesting is that I’ve used this same attributes setup elsewhere on our site and it works perfectly, like on our release notes page.

I tried using a different load solution like pagination but was still getting similar errors, despite it working on the webflow.io link.

I might just have to default to webflow’s built-in pagination?

@holly reverting to the native pagination in the meantime is a good option.

I’ll keep trying on my end and I’ll let you know any finding I have

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