Making desired CMS radio button start checked

We’re looking to see if we can make the first or any desired radio button start off checked using CMS Filter?

hey @info2 if the radio is not part of a CMS Collection you can check it with the checked=checked attribute. On this guide we use it for an “All” button

It is apart of a CMS collection, would there be no solution to pick which one starts off checked?

On your CMS Collection you can add a field to add an ID to each button, this can be radio-1, radio-2 and so on. This field can be linked in the radio settings as the image below shows
Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 12.33.41

You can then add some custom JS to click this radio with the ID

window.onload = (event) => {
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Or if you are redirecting users from another page you can add query params to the URL that will filter the list on load

Hello @Support-Luis, I have the same situation, but I don’t have this option available radio ID . Send you a print screen

Hey @Marta! The Radio ID is a plain text field you can add to your collection settings, you can fill the field in each item with the respective element ID and set it in the menu in your screenshot.

Thank you.