CMS Filter | Making the [All] filter work with the Active Class and Start Checked

I always fail having that All — which is a Clear button — filter work with the active class and start checked.

What I do and have:

  • Clear button (named All): it works. I use a Radio button for it as my other filters are mostly radio too
  • Active class: defined on other filters, work well on other filters

I have reported in the past that the help text picture below is very confusing. I’m all to propose a revision as soon as I’ll understand how to make this All work.

To be clear, what I want and fail to achieve:

  • The All button with the active class when the page loads
  • The All button with the active class when I have clicked on a filter and clicked back again on All (Clear)

Sorry I can’t publicly post the link of the current project, I’ll pass that in PM to who’s skilled with the All button and active class and willing to help me. Thanks in advance.

Hey @vincent here is a guide that might help you. Any questions feel free to DM me!