CMS Filter Attirbute - Filter "ALL" selected by default

Hey! I’ve successfully implemented the CMS filter attribute, but I’m encountering an issue I can’t solve: I want the ‘all’ category to be displayed as active by default.

Despite following the Finsweet tutorial, I’m unable to get it to function properly. Has anyone previously implemented this? Thank you very much! (P.S. The other categories sourced from a CMS collection work fine.)

hey @andressentis! Please share your links!

Hey Luis, Sorry, I was out of office the last weeks.

This is the public link: Blog

and the link preview: Webflow - Somnio

thanks so much!

@andressentis is this the tutorial you’ve followed? How can I add and style an "All" button for CMS Filter

Awesome Luis! It’s working now. thank you very much.
It’s posible to use this also in filters that mix radio and check buttons? Because I need to use that here too: Flutter App Case Studies - See our Porfolio | Somnio Software

Yes! You will only be styling the clear element, there should be no interference with the other filter elements because of the styling.