Multiple instances of Search, Results+Items Count


I am trying to create an affiliate leaderboard with data coming from 3 different collection lists namely MTD, YTD, ALL-Time.

All Sort fields work except for the Search filter field. I designed it in a way that they could open the tab for MTD and search for results under the MTD collection list. Then, switch to the other tab and search for results for that collection list as well.

The problem is only the first search box under the first tab works. I also noticed that the Results and Items count do not work for the other tabs.

Here is the read-only link so you can check it out as well: Webflow - SmartScout Partners (Affiliates)

Hey @erg! The issue comes from using a single form element for all the lists. Each list instance should have its own filter form instance.

You could try to set a form per tab pane and this should work.

I also noticed you have fs-cmsfilter-field=* set on the lists, this attribute should only be placed on the input as it will target all the filter fields on your list.

Got it! Thanks!

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