Native CMS Filter Functions

Hi everyone!

I’m wondering if anyone has experience with native CMS Filter functions?
I’m working on a yacht database for my client and I’m using Finsweet’s CMS filter on most pages. However, on the current yacht page, my client would like to add suggested yachts based on the number of guests. I know one alternative is to create a multi-reference field so that I can reference the number of guests on the page, but I was wondering if it was possible at all to add a code instead that would filter guests from X and above? So for example, if I’m on a page of a yacht that fits 4 guests, I would see suggested yachts that fit 4 guests and above.

Here’s the page (scroll to the bottom to see suggested yachts):

Thanks in advance!

Hey @anasilveira! we could add a hidden range filter with the hardcoded max range. We can then select the current number of guests and set it to be the lower range. If you add this field let me know and I can work the code for you :slight_smile:

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This is perfect! Thank you so much for your help @Support-Luis !! It worked perfectly :slight_smile:

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