Need help collecting all the users choices (checkbox toggle) then displaying those as a list or array. Choices are from CMS/dynamic list

Hello, I could use some help. I’m developing an onboarding form for pro users of my website. This is a multistep form using TryFormly. The issue I’m having at present is that I have one question that takes up a page (step) of my form that asks the pro user what kind of pro they are. The form choices are part of CMS database list called Main Topics. [Later, I plan to have the data sent to the CMS and saved for that pro. The pro type or main topics will need to be stored in a multi-reference field.] This part of the form or this step is set up with checkboxes as toggles to choose what kind of pro the user is. In my Loom you’ll see all the choices, switches, etc. What I need help with is collecting the users choices then displaying those as a list or array in the answer field for that ‘Pro Type’. How should I configure the Webflow elements and how can i get the response list desired? Will I need JS to make this happen and could anyone help with that? Are there any templates, etc that can show me how to do this? :camera::camera:
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