Nested collection used as target fort filter loads with latency

Hi everybody

here i’m trying to use a nested collection (Attributi Speciali) with a filter.

the filtering works but it filters first the items already showing, then “loads” other unfiltered products. those products are then filtered AFTER the nested collection renders.

is there a way to avoid the loading of wrong products?

the filter i’m talking about is in the accordion “Speciali” i changed the hidden attributes class so it’s clear (i hope)

thank you for your time as always

Hey @gianluca! Could please record a quick loom on the issue? I’m afraid I don’t quite get what you’re asking :sweat_smile:

Hi, i think this and the other support request i submitted were connected to the same problem, the latency was due to a subcollection visible on each of the items. removing that speed up everithing a lot. now i’m trying with the cms nest (setup option 2) in the hope that solves it.

i’ll let you know thanks

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