Nobull Airtable - Need help connecting multi-reference field

I know it’s still in beta but hoping you might still be able to help me. I’ve got the tool all set up to transfer data from AT to WF except for one hiccup.
I’ve got a multi-reference field that is not mapping.
Yes, I made it a linked record field in AT.
The data on the main sheet, sheet 2 that I’ll want to upload is showing up great. Problem is I can’t get the final connection link to hookup using the ‘Select Reference Connect.’
See my Loom that demonstrates.
HOPE you can help. I know it’s beta but I’m desperate! lol.

Hey @Joseph! I’m afraid we do not have NoBull support at the moment :sweat_smile:

Hopefully, someone from the community can help with the issue you are facing!

Hopefully. :crossed_fingers: :pray:

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