One trigger for several targets in modal library js

I know that I can have one trigger for several targets as long as the suffix is the same all triggers.
however unfortunately, I want to controll one trigger and severl targets with differents suffix many trigers

for exaxple, please see [webflow share link](Webflow - K2레이저](https://webflow share link) ,
and published site

In this site , I have two modal and one button.
and I want to be closed with all modals when I click one button for trigger…
is it possible to have multiple event for finsweet attributse and I am fine ok even js code…
(for your information, there are many modals over 5 in actual site)

thanks in advanced

Hey @4u1! If all modals should be closed when the Allc lose modal is clicked you can look into using Mirror Click Events - Mirror a click from one element to another with all the targets sharing the same suffix or having target as the attribute value.