[Part 2] Dynamic CMS Select + Custom Form Select

Hi Luis, our thread here is invisible to me, so starting a new thread with my last reply.

Thanks Luis,

I have a working progressive filtering mechanism, but it’s a bit of a hack and has two remaining issues;


Currently if the user selects Brand, then Model, we see both filter settings applied.


However if the Brand is changed, the Model filter is still applied, which results on zero filtered results.

How do I programmatically reset the Model filter selectively?

I am storing the filter instance ( there is only one ) on window, and I can reset all filters like so;


But I do not see any API docs on how to reset a specific filter.

In the project link, I’ve temporarily hacked this in my clearModels func by finding the Model tag and clicking the close button to reset that filter in isolation.


The second item is that the arrangement the client has is;

  • A hidden Select element, populated with FS CMS Select, and bound to FS Filter
  • An FS Custom Form Select construction which has that hidden select embedded

I’m assuming that the Select element is the center of the universe from a functional standpoint, so my progressive filtering UX code should focus on that.

I’ve replaced FS CMS Select with my own solution that repopulates the select when the Brand changes, and determines the Brand-specific Models list.

The FS Custom Form Select however isn’t aware of the change. How do I get the FS Custom Form Select to re-initialize from its Select list?

In the project link, I’ve temporarily hacked this by building a replacement for FS custom form select. I’d rather not hand this off to the client with that approach, they’re using a lot of FS attributes and it would be great to keep their site based on FS attr ( augmented with API code ) rather than replacing whole attributes to support the progressive filter.