Powerful Rich Text capbilities

Hi, I’m trying to get a full understanding of what extent we can do things with Powerful Rich Text. I was able to add components from another page into a rich text field which was awesome. Here’s an example: https://www.firefly.health/employer-resources/primary-care-must-evolve-to-survive. But I don’t quite understand “add classes, ids, attributes, and more” part of the description. Powerful Rich Text - Add HTML and components to Webflow Rich Text Block. I’m interested giving editors the ability to add buttons to the text field that take on the same class as “button.” I would like to avoid adding embed code for buttons. Is there a video on Power Rich Text. I see older tutorials before attributes came out. Thanks!

Hey @Susan_MacPhee! You can write valid custom HTML that when published will act as such. If you inspect the red string in the docs you will find the .kool-class is added along with the test id and fs-test-element=test attribute.

In your case you can try something like <button type="button" class="your_button-class">Click Me!</button> and the button should have the same class applied.

Test it out and let me know if you need some help :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I’m just wondering if this is a link, where do you put the URL in your example?

Is it a combo of the below?

Click Me!

link text

Hey @Susan_MacPhee adding a link in HTML would look like this

<a href="your-link-goes-here.com">You can click here to go to the link</a>

the text will render like this → You can click here to go to the link

I was just wondering since this was a button is it best to use button or a ref HTML? If I look at code webflow is making buttons with a ref Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 8.27.36 PM|690x99

" in and somehow add a link?

It is up to you and your end result product as you can also try this approach to add a button that when clicked redirects to another page.

    <button onclick="window.location.href='https://finsweet.com/attributes';">
      Click Here

You can read more here

Thank you for your support. I think using whatever is the most accessible is the best approach. Since “button” needs javascript to act like a button, maybe a ref is the best bet. Thanks also for the resource.