Powerful Rich Text - Insert Form as a component

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The client wants to be able to add custom form to a rich text element in their news and arrangement CMS pages on their site. I thought I would try Powerful Rich Text to solve this.

I have implemented Powerful Rich Text to their site at it seems to work fine, the form is inserted were I have added the {{component}} but the form functionality does not work. (The form is not sent when clicking the submit button.)

You can view the cms-page I have added the form to here:

Here is the read-only link:

Is it possible to add a form with Powerful Rich Text? If not, do you have any suggestion to alternative methods?

Its probably worth to mention that the form will be sent with Zapier, so it needs to have a unique and be shown as a form when selecting it as a trigger in Zapier.


Hello @oyvind, elements added to rich text using {{component}} strip off any Javascript functionality added to them as part of a security measure. Since form submission relies on Javascript, it won’t if added programmatically to the rich text element

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Hello Joseph! Thank you, I understand :slight_smile: