Query Param Work Initially, But Can't Change Filters Afterwards

How can I resolve the issue where my JavaScript code successfully passes radio input values as URL parameters to a ‘filter page’, and while the Query Param solution initially presets the filter based on the URL and functions correctly, changing the filter on the page subsequently fails to work?

I have used Query Param + CMS filter on the filter page and some JS on the form page to pass the values to the URL.

hey @rasheedosalem! There is no need to add the Query Param Attribute for this setup.

CMS Filter is powerful enough to apply these params to the filters and load the filtered list.

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Actually, it’s my mistake I was adjusting the filters but forgot to hit the submit button. Silly mistake, but it’s working now.

However, if I don’t implement the query parameters as you advised, it seems that the default filter settings, specifically the initial options, are overriding the transferred values.

Thank you for your quick response Luis.

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