Resetix=true disappears heading when clicking load more

adding resetix=true to the collection is disappearing the heading of the page when I click on load more, and is not even nested inside the collection. if I remove the animation from the heading it works fine.

Press | Treet (password: treet24)
Webflow - Treet

Hi @stevenjhilario !

Thanks for reaching out.

When using resetix = true, the Webflow interactions will be reset to the initial state. In this case, you have to avoid using these pre-made interactions or interactions using the “initial state”.

You can for example create an interaction to simulate the initial state (without checking the initial state checkbox), with delay and duration 0:

And then create your animation after that:

Unfortunately, this is a limitation we have using some JavaScript solutions. I hope that helps.

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thank you, I have fixed this