Scroll to the top on filtering

Hi everybody,
maybe i’m missing something but i cant find a way to scroll to the top of the collection list when filtered.

I’m recreating the reccomended site (Finsweet Recommended) with the sticky search bar and the filters on the left.

when i scroll and then filter i find myself to the bottom of the page (the items count drop, so the page lenght) looking at the footer. how do i scroll to the top on the text changed event of the textifeld? (as in the reccomend site)

thank you very much

Hey @gianluca! Could you share a link to your project?

Hi, thanks for the fast reply, this is the page i’m working on

@gianluca, we are using the fs-cmsfilter-element="scroll-anchor" attribute set on the nav bar. You could try a similar approach on your site for it to scroll after filtering

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thanks luis, this was what i was searching for

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