Search all not working

Hey @Support-Luis

I hope this message finds you well. I’m encountering an issue with the search function. Despite “Surfe Homepage” being in our collection, it redirects to ‘no results found’. I’ve attached the read-only and live links for your review. Could you kindly assist?

Read Only


Thanks in advance

Hey @Sachin_Aathreyaa! It seems your name field is missing the fs-cmsfilter-field = IDENTIFIER attribute while all your other fields do have the correct attribute

But I have added this instead for search in this case it should work right?

Yes, the * will work for the text input as it will look through all the IDENTIFIERS, it does not mean it will “scan” the whole card for a match.

You need to specify which elements will be part of your filter interface and you need to add an IDENTIFIER to these elements.