Smart Lightbox issue on second opening

Hey there, I’m using the Smart Lightbox on a CMS section (the resources slider towards the bottom of the home page) which works fine when you click the first time, but then when you try to reopen the modal, it doesn’t work… can anyone spot why this might be happening?

Hey @jake! You have the fs-smartlightbox-element="trigger-close" repeated within the lightbox, this may be the root of the issue. Can you please check and remove one?

Hey @Support-Luis I’ve removed one of the instances but it’s still not working annoyingly :upside_down_face: any other thoughts on what I could do here?

Hey @jake! The lightbox element is not being correctly removed, could you verify the setup of your interactions?

Manually setting the display: none solves the issue and the lightbox can be opened a second time.

Hey @Support-Luis I’ve got the interaction set to display none. It’s affecting all classes too, is this incorrect?

Hey @jake! That could be the issue. We are opening both lightboxes as the interaction is set to All elements with this class. Can we set it so that the lightbox is a sibling/child of the open trigger and that the close only affects parent elements with the class?

Hey again @Support-Luis - really sorry but I’m not sure what you mean by this? :grimacing:

Hey @Support-Luis - I ended up just using a different modal from Relume and it worked a treat haha cheers for your help!

Hey @jake! No worries interactions have always been tricky for me as well… I am glad you found another solution!

Hey @Support-Luis me again haha
I’ve just realised that when I open the form for the resources it’s only showing the form for the first resource and not the second (i.e. when I go to the next resource tab and click to open the lightbox, it’s only showing the first form). Any advice what I can do here so it opens the form related to the resource the user is looking for?

Ignore me - all sorted! haha

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Ignored! Hahaha great to hear all is working :muscle: