Sorting Issues With CMS Sort

Hello @Support-Luis!
It’s me again, would you please check the issue presented in the video and let me me whether there is a fix?

Also, have in mind I switched to wized embed 2.0 and everything started working smoothly again.

Video Link

Webflow Link


Hey @scunioci! Can you change the radio buttons to regular buttons?

Also, for A-Z sorting, having only nome as a value is enough for the sorting to work. Z-A does need the nome-desc

Another option would be to replicate the example above, you can find this example inside the CMS Sort docs. :slight_smile:

Hello Luiz!
I tried with finsweet radio buttons. Does it work only regular buttons?
I have also recorded a video so that you can visualize implementations.


hey @scunioci! I’m afraid yes, radio buttons are not in the documentation for CMS Sort. You can use:

  • Select field
  • Button
  • Text link or link block
  • Dropdown

To sort your lists but no checkboxes or radios.