Swiper js or splide js with pagination?

Hi, i have a slider on my webflow website, each slide is build of 6 collection items (the total items is close to 100).
i want to have the functionality of fs cms pagination - but to have it within a slider.
i can build the slider with splide, swiper or fs cms slider - if it can hold a grid as a slide.
can the fs pagination solution work with a slider ?
or is there a different way to create this dynamic pagination inside a collection + slider ?

Hey @bar.m.hai! If you could share a link so I can see the setup, there might be some options for this.

still under construction but here is the link:
webflow read only link

Desktop view:
the slider is the 2nd section from the top (after the background video)


Hey @bar.m.hai! From what I understand, you want to have a paginated list within the slider.

We might be able to achieve this by simulating a Collection list which is needed for CMS Load with CMS Element. We would need to prevent CMS Load from loading with defer fs-attributes-preventload='true' as we would need to create as many instances of CMS Load as slides with code and then initialize the Attributes script.

I am afraid the slider is not changing slides correctly on my end so I can only see a slide but I do see the changes happening when I inspect the page. Can you please add the CMS Element setup and verify the slider is working as intended? I can then jump in and help with the code :muscle:

I fixed the slider issue, and added the Cms Element as you asked (I hope :))
would love to get some help about the pagination thing.

read-only link

screenshot of the slider in the designer:

btw, on a different page (En) I have 2 swiper sliders which needs this pagination, can i reuse this solution for the second slider on the same page as well?

Hi @Support-Luis, Any update?

hey @bar.m.hai! I do not see the cms-element setup on the live page. Has the page been published yet?

Hi @Support-Luis, I’ve attached a screenshot
it’s in page En as shown in the image. Thanks.


hi @Support-Luis , did you guys had a chance to look into it ?

Hey @bar.m.hai! I am afraid this setup will not be possible. I have not been able to make it work so far :frowning: