Tabs+Nest attributes not displaying nested content

Hi guys!
Hope you’re doing great

So, I have a Tabs+Nest implementation on this page:
All looks fine to me and to the Automated Support from Finsweet.

But, still, the nest one isn’t functioning, and the nested collection is not appearing on the site.

The structure for this is:
Servicios is parent collection
Portafolio is nested collection

Here’s the read-only link.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey @jorge! Seems like the list is actually being nested it is just your first tab not having any item inside and therefore it appears empty.

Please correct me if I am looking at the wrong list

Thanks, Luis!
You are looking at the right list, but that doesn’t appear to me :scream:, can you confirm again? please haha. Because I also saw it 1 hour ago, but before wasn’t appearing, and now it isn’t again (haven’t made any changes).

Also, the collection with “Todos los proyectos” already has all the projects inside.

@jorge Yep! Still showing on my end

Yes! The screenshots I sent, both are from an incognito window, cause I thought the same :frowning: @Support-Luis

Now I went to incognito and lost the nested items :thinking: are you sure you have not changed anything?

Totally sure!
I only have the tab open in the designer. But not making anything at all inside the project.

The project from all services except for “Todos los proyectos” appear when I’m not on incognito.

I cleared chache and the items for the other tabs are visible once more, also found out that you have all your projects on the first tab nested correctly but they are not shown on the page because of this .w-condition-invisible class from Webflow.

We can try to fix this by giving our collection item a minimum size. Can you test it?

Mmm, what could it be? haha (thanks for the help)

Try the min-height, on 3 different items, is not appearing to me either in regular or incognito.

Hey @jorge I’ve DM you :slight_smile: