Can't login to Slack after signing up for F+

It requires a @finesweet email to log in to Slack. Please help

Hey @gayiranhuseyin! You should be able to log in with your Google account. Can you try and ket me know how it goes?

I also can’t log in, It says

hey @shubhamworkmail10! Have you tried Google? Did it also fail?

Yes, it didn’t with Google as well…

@shubhamworkmail10 @gayiranhuseyin can you please try this new link?

@Support-Luis I had the same issue and was able to login using the new link you provided. Looks like the link in the Finsweet+ portal will need to be updated so you don’t keep getting this question.

Thanks @krista.woolhiser! I’ll update the link!

I’m having the same issue. New user, but can’t access the Slack channel. Can any one help?

Hey @sam.allen! I see you’re already in Slack! Great to see you there :muscle: