CMS Combine - Limit results not seeming to work?

Hey everyone, I am trying to limit the number of results shown from 5 lists using the combine. I have set it as normal to Webflow “limit items” and to 3 but it is still populating everything?

I am sure I am missing a step but can’t seem to see where.

Any help would be awesome :slight_smile:

Hey @Ohana_Studio! Can you share more info on what you are looking to achieve?

Of course, sorry if I wasn’t clear.

So I have 5 lists, that combine into 1.
that all works fine.

I only want to show 3 items in that 1 list from, so the latest 3 from those 5 different collections.

We can’t do this natively I’m afraid.

However you can add CMS Sort to the setup, here you can check the clonable and the custom code to click the hidden trigger. And with some JS we can hide the items after the third position.

Let me know if you need any help!

Thanks for the headsup. Thought I was going mad haha.
I will take a look at that and then implement thank you.

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I got the sort on there, so it’s just restricting it to three cards using JS instead of hiding using CSS. Do you have that snippet to hand, please?

Hey @Ohana_Studio! If you are achieving the same result with CSS then there is no need for the JS. I was going to do the same thing, set the style to the first three items only.