CMS Filter Active State of Reset Button / 50% Opacity When Not Checked

Hey there,

I am having a slight issue with the filter attribute.

I have it 95% of the way there, my only issue is with the radio reset button.

I set up the attributes as mentioned in this video

However, my checked state always stays applied and I need something where the radio button text is at 100% opacity when the reset is checked and applied and 50% opacity when not checked and one of the other filters is applied

Unfortunately can’t do a read-only in the forum as its a client project but hoping someone else has faced a similar dilemma

Thank you so much :pray:

Hey @lovebrian649,

why do you want a reset button as a radio button?

You can use a link block or textlink:

Hey @lovebrian649! We posted a guide on how to style an “All” button here, as you can see from the guide, you can add custom CSS that is applied to the button when it is active.

An idea of what you want to achieve would be:

    .your-radio-button-class.w--redirected-checked ~ .your-radio-button-label-class {
    	opacity: 100%;

Thank you so much @Support-Luis

It’s strange, the solution you posted is working in designer when I remove and reapply the checked=checked but not on my staging site.

You can DM me your links and I’ll have a look at it :slight_smile:

Think I figured it out

Thank you so much for your help …really appreciate it :pray: