CMS Filter and CMS load and Wized


I’m trying to implement CMS Filter with CMS Load on a page. I’m using CMS load with pagination. But I couldn’t get it to work. Later I removed some scripts from the head including the Wized script. That’s when I found out that Wized is somehow conflicting with CMS Filter and CMS Load. I’m only loading Wized but I’m not using it on this page. Still, I get all kinds of unexpected behavior like not rendering all items.

I could fix this by not including Wized on this page but this isn’t recommended in Wized. So I was wondering if there is a better solution.

Would be really great if someone could help me out. Please DM me for the read-only link.

Kind regards,


hey @remon.wobbema!

Wized and Attributes are not compatible at this moment, I would advise you to do all loading and filtering through Wized for this project.

We are working on fixing this issue for Attributes 2.0 and Wized 2.0