CMS Filter and CMS load and Wized


I’m trying to implement CMS Filter with CMS Load on a page. I’m using CMS load with pagination. But I couldn’t get it to work. Later I removed some scripts from the head including the Wized script. That’s when I found out that Wized is somehow conflicting with CMS Filter and CMS Load. I’m only loading Wized but I’m not using it on this page. Still, I get all kinds of unexpected behavior like not rendering all items.

I could fix this by not including Wized on this page but this isn’t recommended in Wized. So I was wondering if there is a better solution.

Would be really great if someone could help me out. Please DM me for the read-only link.

Kind regards,


hey @remonw!

Wized and Attributes are not compatible at this moment, I would advise you to do all loading and filtering through Wized for this project.

We are working on fixing this issue for Attributes 2.0 and Wized 2.0

Any idea when we can expect CMS filtering, sort and search to arrive?

Hey @marcel! Do you mean for Attributes or for Wized? We can now do all of this natively in Wized with some JS and Attributes are supported on the newest embed