CMS Filter + CMS Load works on staging, does not work on the Live Website

Hi all,

I’m really confused, and really hope you can help me out here.

I’ve done pretty much everything according to the documentation for the CMS Filter and the CMS Load feature.

It all works perfectly fine on staging:
[Content Hub]

It does not work on the live website:
[Content Hub]

Maybe I’m missing something, would really appreciate your help!

Thanks and cheers :slight_smile:

Hey @jelle! Everything seems to be set correctly, would you happen to have any code that executes only on the production page?

Hi @Support-Luis , thanks for the fast reply!

No, all codes should execute on staging as well as on the live-website.

Let me get another set of eyes I’ll get back to you :wink:

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Hi @Support-Luis , any update on this? Really hope to sort this out, the client is pretty much pressing to get this live :raised_hands:

Hey @jelle! Could you share a read-only link, please?

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Hi @Support-Luis , here you go:



Did you find anything in the Preview @Support-Luis ? :slight_smile:

Hey @jelle! I’ve looked and tried to debug but I can not figure out what could be causing this.

There is no reason for the script to work differently on the staging and the production site.

One thing that we may try is rebuilding the page from scratch. Please let me know if you’d consider this :pray:

Hey @jelle! I see both pages are now password-protected, could you share it with me via DM?

Hey @Support-Luis , I’ve removed the PW from the pages!

One small question, is there a unminified version of the library? Just to make debugging easier, thanks!

Hey @jelle! Thanks for letting me know! I’ll get back to you if we find anything on the pages :muscle:

And I’m afraid not, we don’t have any other public versions of the library.

Hi @Support-Luis , we’ve managed to fix it :tada:!

The problem was that the query string wasn’t included in the cache key.

Thanks for the support on this topic :raised_hands:

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Hey @jelle! Great to hear! And thanks for getting back to me on what was the issue! :muscle:

Hey @jelle! Could you please share a video recreating the bug and your fix? I’ll share it with the team to see if there is something we can do on our end to prevent this from happening in the future for other users.