CMS Filter items not showing up until I scroll

I’m coming to you with a bit of an issue that has started to occur on a website I’ve built.

This e-commerce has some javascript that makes scrolling go from left to right.

On the pages I’m having issues with, I’ve added the CMS filter. the products have a slide from right animation.

What happens is that when I filter, none of the products show up at first but they appear when page is scrolled a bit (I tried writing a script to scroll the page a bit but that doesn’t work out).
Here’s the link to one of the pages I’m having issues with. Livres – Cent Mille Milliards

The site was converted to a Shopify theme using Udesly but I don’t think this is the problem as it was working perfectly before and I’ve done this on a number of sites very succesfully.

There is a 10% offset though on my animation, could that be the issue? Or could it be because of loading time from the items?
Thanks for you time and help!

Hello @JsphBngrnd, do your items have an interaction with initial state?
The elements seems to have an initial state of opacity: 0 which only changes on scroll


Sorry for the late reply, just saw your answer.
I’m using the native webflow slide in animation so yes I think there’s an initial state with opacity 0.

Do you think I could get rid of the effect to solve the issue?

Hey @JsphBngrnd can you share your read-only link? I’ll take a look at the setup