CMS Filter only working ~50% of the time, automated support says no issues

Hi all-

I’m running into issues with filtering tags on a page on company’s site. This is maybe my fifth or sixth time setting this up across our site, so I’ve done this a few times with success. My issue here is that clicking on the tags at the top of the page only ends up filtering the CMS list about half of the time. Automated support isn’t flagging anything except for the clear button, which ironically has been working flawlessly despite the error.

The page in question: Researcher Resources | User Interviews
Webflow read-only: Webflow -

I’m at my wits end and would love any help/insight from anyone! Thank you!

Hey @holly! My guess is that the items are not being loaded successfully to the page. I see you have the CMS Load set to load-under but the fs-cmsload-mode attribute is misplaced. It should go on your Collection List element, not on the “Next” pagination button.

Can you move the attribute and test?

Hi @Support-Luis- I actually solved this problem on my own. I rebuilt from scratch and everything was working properly! I had some egregious link blocks in my first build that may have been contributing to the issue too. Thanks again!

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Great to hear! Let me know if you have any more issues! :raised_hands:

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