CMS Filter: Not "active" after refresh on Mozilla Firefox

Did you by any chance had a similar issue? :point_down:

We’re using CMS Filter to create collection filters (including input for search through blog articles), additionally search terms are added as query param (added to url).

Problem: when the user refreshes the site using Firefox, the query is still there, but the filtering isn’t applied anymore. There’s no problem on Chrome, so I guess we have setup everything correctly (I’ve used all attributes multiple times before, just never had such case with query params and page refresh in Firefox, or maybe didn’t realize there’s something wrong). Filters are generally working nicely, even despite our “a bit custom solution” (read more at the end of this post).

Any ideas why does this happen? Are there any issues related to CMS Filter attributes functionality on MozillaFirefox?

Unfortunately, I don’t have power/permission to share the project, at least yet.

More context (maybe something has influence and creates the bug):
The functionality we’ve achieved with filters is rather a bit more complicated, because:

  • We’re using nested collections + some JS to calculate how many items each filter includes (small superscript showing posts per category, placed next to filter)
    — We have the input (search) placed farther down the page (outside of form element → required by client/designer) but to let it work we’ve placed another input inside the form (with other filters) that mirrors the value of “our search” located below.
    — We use query params, because we have other search located on a blog-post page (template page), so when users type their query in the input it redirects them to a blog with already filtered collection.

Like I’ve mentioned above, no issues on chrome. Everything works, even after refreshing the page.
Filters work on Firefox, but only when you refresh the page, the query param is still in the URL, but collection isn’t filtered.

@Support-Luis, Victoria forwarded me here to ask for help :wink:

By the way, first post on the forum, so welcome everyone!

Hey @major_mrz! Welcome to the Forum!

Could you share the project links via a private message? If not can you share the custom code you are using?