CMS filter Removing Duplicates

We are using an api to work with webflow CMS Collections. I’ve been tasked to match the design to the collections. There’s an issue I’m having because I can’t make reference fields to limit the amount of filters that show up. Each new collection item makes a duplicate filter and I’m trying to figure out a way to remove duplicated filters. Is there a way to remove duplicates for CMS Filters?

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Hey @Poetic! Are you using the API to sync Webflow items or to load an create the filters?

If it is the latter I would recommend seeing this page → Attributes API

At the bottom you can find two videos from our CTO Alex, guiding how to use CMS Load and CMS Filter API to dynamically fetch the items and populate the filters.

We are using it to create the filters, but the issue is that we are trying to find a solution that removes duplicates as new items are being pulled into the collection. We will take a look at this link. Thanks!

Let me know how it goes!